Reshaping Relationships


Reshaping Relationships


Couples or Individuals

Whether you are a couple or individual, my purpose is to help you enhance your life, stop block love in your life and enhance and improve all aspects of how you relate to love, yourself and others.  


My Philosophy

My Philosophy


Changing Patterns

I give each client 100% of my time, attention, expertise, and care for your goals and what is best for you as an individual.  

I take the approach that love is a field you step into.

It is always present, grounded in moment by moment attentive actions, that are born of heartfelt connection towards loved ones. Love’s actions incline the mind towards creative play and joy and strengthen the heart which relaxes into joyful security. Love is more real than sentimental words or mere feelings.  It is your behavior in any given moment and not your history.  It is neither your environment (nurture), nor your current attitude (nature) that will determine the quality of the love you have to share, but your ability to tap into the flow of love that is your source. this is the key to being filled with love. 

You entered love as an individual and as an individual your partner offers you opportunities for the expansion of self.  Using the principles taught within Inspired Relationship you learn techniques and skills that show you how to transcend your history,  move beyond reactivity and learn to stop habitual patterns of sabotage, disharmony, and blame that leave you feeling emotionally violated, spiritually invalidated, unheard, isolated, sad, angry or alone within your own relationship.

Within this framework, you will learn to overcome your own natural tendency toward behaviors that isolate.  You are each treated as an individual, valued for your feelings, thoughts, desires and needs.  Whether you work as a couple using Inspired Relationship principles or as an individual receiving 1 on 1 coaching, you can learn to create the love you want in your life.

Inspired Relationship’s  3 master principles:

  1. Lean-in to your discomfort
  2. Let go of blame frames
  3. Live out your best self

My Process

My Process


Four Step Process


INspiration Mining:  

You get the opportunity to freely discuss and live into your deepest, sometimes wildest desires about the life you can live.


Removing Blocks:  

I will point out what is holding you back and help you break your attachment to it.


Change Agents:  

Here I will coach you with practical and experiential knowledge on the subject of love and relating, always keeping an eye to your love goals. 



I help you shift your thoughts, perspectives, beliefs and emotions, pointing them all into the direction of your highest most inspired life as an individual, partner and lover.

As a relationship consultant I help you to achieve:

  • Freedom from emotional blocks that damage self love and love for others
  • A strong personal identity and balance while in relationship
  • Finding your authentic voice and learn to share yourself freely  
  • Better communication with the opposite sex
  • Understand of your own motivations and your partners
  • Heal past hurts, grievances and upsets
  • Expression of your original brand of sexy, playful, fun and interesting