George Streeter


George Streeter


Relationship coach

When I worked in the National Football League in 1998, I was interviewing over 400 people a year, answering questions like:  “What makes this particular football player tick?”,“What is his authentic personality and not just what he shows on the field?”,“How can I help this player reach their full potential?" It's by asking these questions as a coach that I was able to learn to read and interpret body language, nuance, subtext. I learned the importance of unspoken communication and how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of people.

My passion for relationships started as a young child of divorced parents. I wanted to create a life where love flourished and a life where my own children could thrive.  I began the study of women as early as high school, being inquisitive and assertive, I grew up all my life as “the guy” men would talk to about women and later in life who women would come to about advice on men.

During my NFL career I studied human performance and motivation, took seminars on enlightenment, mindfulness, and empathy. A seed was planted in me, if I could help men an women change their communication dynamic, I could help society as a whole. This idea, began to consume me.  As luck would have it, I found myself in an immersive embodiment and coaching program two years after I left the NFL. Here my passion for coaching men, women and couples flourished. I learned to be more empathic, to use my intuition and the interview skills I had learned, along with the knowledge I'd accumulated with the hundreds of relationship books that I consumed while in the NFL.

Inside this rigorous coaching program I learned from an expert in the field of personal growth, Nicole Daedone. She taught me to actively listen to people, utilize limbic connection to both see and feel others, and other transformational techniques designed to get you out of your head and into your body. When I came out I decided being a life coach was too broad for me and that my passion and expertise lay in helping people navigate the creation of the types of relationships that they want!

Once I began to coach people on a personal level, I began to have an impact, to see people shift and to ultimately find my purpose in helping people create the relationships they desire. 

I'm certified in the following programs:

  • 2012 One taste Relationship and Sexuality Coaching Program
  • 10 months total immersion coaching and training
  • 2013 Expert Rating Online Coaching Program- online certification and testing