Insight Coaching Package 

Insight is a four session package that allows you to get to to the root of who you are in relationship by taking a thorough look at who you've been.

Most of us can't see ourselves that clearly, meaning no matter how much we think we know and understand our motivations and desires, we still have areas within ourselves that we are unconscious of. These areas called relationship blind spots.

A relationship blindspot is an area in your personality where we are not seeing a true picture of yourself.  There is a disconnect between intention and the reality you are living. Relationship blindspots keep you from having the love and romance you desire. But worse they keep you stuck. You often repeat the same dating and relationship mistakes over and over again.  

That is why professionals in all walks of life, who are at the top of their games,  have a coach to help them overcome gain perspective and have more success.

Insight is my introductory package. During it I will guide you on a structured journey through your relationship history, where we can examine the choices that define who you are in relationship. 

In just four sessions, you will get in touch with the behavioral patterns that are most troublesome for you and we will come up with a plan of action to "flip" those patterns so they become constructive relationship patterns.