Integration Coaching takes the clarity and insights you learned in the introduction package to help you become the person who can live in your ideal relationship. To do this the focus is on integrating new knowledge, tools and love strategies into your nervous system so that you can be more confident, self assured and decisive.

By integrating new frameworks for relating you change the way you show up for a date. You "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" as a more datable and love worthy version of yourself.  You become a person who can live within the relationship you desire without sabotaging, clinging, or avoiding the juicy intimacy and connection of relating. 

Without integration there is no transformation. Most coaches focus on the transfer of information, but it is important to me that you also incorporate newly learned frameworks and love strategies into your system, so that whatever you say or do is authentically you and not just some "act".

In other words, this package is the glue that helps you incorporate what you learn so that you become who you need to be to create a fantastic relationship life.