In Intentionality Coaching, we'll examine the mental and emotional states that keep you from having what you want in relationship, whether it is from unconscious habit or an underline fear or anxiety blocking you or simply a lack of tools, knowledge or skill. 

This coaching is geared towards helping you gain mastery of self through identifying your relationship purpose and by making the up's and downs of relating a "practice", that you can lean into and learn from. 

The focus of Intentionality Coaching is to give you practical knowledge, skills and tools to improve the quality of your connection with others, while enhancing your ability to stay  aligned with your relationship purpose. 

Whether you are in a new relationship or a mature one, this package will help answer the question "who am I in a relationship?" and allow you to gain a new understanding of yourself and your (potential) partner.  You will learn how and when to compromise, how to advocate for your desires and needs, how to clarify your values and non-negotiables and express your desires to your partner or potential partner.

This package helps you create the emotional, energetic and mental space needed to align with your relationship needs, values and desires while learning to skillfully share who you are with others so that they respect, honor, value and desire you.