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Samvada is a movement meditation designed to help any couple re- connect, deeply and quickly.  

Samvada uses ancient meditation practices to create a new way for couples to share a deep body and soul understanding of one another.   

The Samvada movement meditation practice brings you into a deeper more loving consciousness with yourself and your partner.  

By combining chakra opening movements  with proven communication exercises Samvada strengthens the bond between yourself and your partner. The simple movement meditations, used in combination with the communication technology lets each partner feel seen and heard. The key to Samvada, is the removal of common mistakes that couples make when trying to feel closer to one another. Samvada removes  the perceived gap of separation while encouraging and promoting the individual self within the dynamic.

It helps you become clear about your needs and desires and those of your partner.

It is a new way of communicating and exchanging thoughts.

Using ancient movements with a new modern twist couples can engage their entire love system which is mind, body and spirit.


Modern life creates stress on couples and families. 88% of working parents suffer from stress related health problems. Stress can also ruin relationships and marriages. Feelings of isolation, loneliness and disconnection occur when our needs for love and attention are not met by our partner. How often do you ignore your need to be seen, felt and heard, because you can't find the time?

Has your time for connection, attention and love been replaced with your daily chores or to-do list? Co-operating on daily chores and family errands to meet your need for time, love and attention is like eating a daily diet of burgers, fries and a coke from McDonalds. Just like in your body, if you feed your relationship an unhealthy diet of dis-connection, it will eventually leave you feeling worn out, unloved, lonely, and dissatisfied. It's just a matter of time.

No one would suggest, that you wait until your two-week vacation to get the nutrition your body is craving. So why would you wait until your vacation to feed your relationship the healthy love and connection it needs and deserves? For example the typical weekly "dinner and a movie" date night is not "nutrient rich" enough to feed your connection. "Dinner and a movie" is like a "TV-Dinner".   It is a quick-fix, easy solution but over time there is just not enough substance to keep you healthy. 

The remedy for an anemic diet is better nutrition and the solution for a healthy relationship is to share in a nutrient rich love connection with your partner.  

Samvada is a nutrient-rich way to feed your relationship, reduce your stress and create healthy connection, love and attention.